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A Circle Of Warriors is a non-profit organization created for the Combat Veteran and their family. Our specialization is in Combat Associated PTSD and the wide array of effects it has on all Combat Veterans and their families. We are also here to facilitate all of the rest of their needs, from A to Z. The Combat Veteran who has returned from war is carrying with them something that they did not ha ve when they left for war. Whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, they have bro...
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Address:81 N 2nd Street  San Jose, CA 95113
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Real life experiences and positive views of how to live life with or living beside one with PTSD, Depressive Disorder/Conversion Disorder, and other unseen disabilities from a Veteran's Spouse's personal experiences.   If you know someone who has PTSD, someone who needs more information, or just a place with others that understand... from either side of the fence of PTSD, please feel free to pass this along and/or any of my postings. Awareness helps bring knowledge to others, and knowledg...
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AdoptaPlatoon strives to provides a better deployment quality of life by sending cards, letters and care packages to lift the morale of Troops as they serve far from home and assist military families. AdoptaPlatoon provides on-going mail support system, creates projects that meet the need of military requests, and establishes special projects that benefit deployed Troops representing all branches of the U.S. military. AdoptaPlatoon also serves injured Troops through our "Walking Wounded" campai...
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Address:PO Box 234  Lozano, TX 78568
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Offers wellness resources for the military community. This website features "online assessment" forms and directs to potential resources for issues Caregivers and military members may face upon return. The vision of the organization is to  provide self-care solutions targeting post-traumatic stress, depression, and other behavioral health challenges commonly faced after a deployment.
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Address:DoD Outreach Center  ,  
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The AFW2 program works hand-in-hand with the Air Force Survivor Assistance Program and Airman & Family Readiness Centers to ensure Airmen receive professional support and care from the point of injury, through separation or retirement, for life. At Air Force Wounded Warrior we: -Advocate for services on Airman's behalf -Coordinate with closest Airmen and Family Readiness Centers to ensure wounded warriors receive face-to-face, personalized services -Provide professional services such ...
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Address:550 C Street W Ste37 HQ AFPC/DPFW ATTN:AFW2 JBSA Randolph, TX 78150
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Allies in Service's vision is that our community of service members, veterans, and their families has access to quality health care, education, safe and affordable housing choices, and meaningful employment.   Allies in Service's mission is to identify and support Dallas area veterans who need assistance in the areas of employment, housing, education, and health care. We partner with veterans, employers, community and other veteran support organizations to educate and enhance the quality ...
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Address:  Dallas, Texas 
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As the war in Afghanistan winds down, U.S. military personnel are coming home where they join other recent veterans who served in Iraq. Many of these service members have left the battlefield only to be faced with a new fight: a struggle to overcome the mental and physical wounds suffered during deployment. Those with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are returning home in unprecedented numbers. In fact, the Army has said that up to 20 percent of the men and w...
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Address:700 N Pennsylvania Ave  Washington, DC 46206
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Helps with food, clothing and shelter, referrals to counseling services, respite care for cargivers, and other resources
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Address:2025 E Street NE Washington, DC USA
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Putting Family first, then balancing between a civilian job and Army Reserve life is hard work. Let Army Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) help you make that balance easier. From Soldiers and Families who are new to the military or new to the Army Reserve,to those who are moving forward in civilian life, ARFP is here to support you at every phase of the Soldier's Life Cycle by connecting you to the right resources at the right time!   Financial Readiness Program offers proactive personal fi...
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Address:4710 Knox Street  Fort Bragg, NC 28310
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Army Wife Network (AWN) was opened in April 2009 as the umbrella that joined what was previously known as Army Wife Talk Radio (AWTR) and Field Problems™ (FP). The website holds true to its tagline “Interactive Empowerment for Army Wives” by featuring Field Exercise™ events, AWTR podcast, FP Live chat feature, featured columns, Loving A Soldier (LAS) blog, military shopping links, resource database, post directory, interactive toolbar, and social media galore!
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Address:2650 FM 407 E 145/152  Bartonville, TX 76226
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