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A Spouse's Story PTSD
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Real life experiences and positive views of how to live life with or living beside one with PTSD, Depressive Disorder/Conversion Disorder, and other unseen disabilities from a Veteran's Spouse's personal experiences.


If you know someone who has PTSD, someone who needs more information, or just a place with others that understand... from either side of the fence of PTSD, please feel free to pass this along and/or any of my postings. Awareness helps bring knowledge to others, and knowledge helps eliminate stigma... even if it's only one person at a time.

I welcome you to my story, our story and life, information, and to our "family" on here… YOU are no longer alone!

Area Of Focus:Caregvier's Blog on PTSD
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Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
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