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Welcome to Battle-Buddy.Info is unique among the many resource directories geared to Military Personnel and Veteran Assistance in significant ways:

  • Listed Resources are PRE-VETTED.  Our Users have received services, accessed, and/or researched the organizations as viable sources to request assistance from –
  • We included focus groups of wounded warriors and their caregivers in the process of our Directory’s design creating a simple and intuitive site to navigate – especially for those with injuries that may make it difficult to focus or to maintain attention span
  • We do not seek donations.  We are currently privately funded and will make every attempt to maintain that funding approach.



In 2008, Sunshine After Rain Ministries began their participation in Wounded Warrior Getaways for soldiers and their families sponsored by Joni and Friends (an international ministry serving the disabled community). Through the years, we have remained in contact with the soldiers and now count many of our nations finest heroes friends. Again and again, we heard the frustration facing families as they tried to get help in a crisis. In 2013, during a conversation with a discouraged wife, a seed took root in good ground and the idea for Battle-Buddy.Info was born.

We are continually updating the site with new organizations as they are made known to us. Our goal is for resources listed to be relevant, easy to access, and organizations that have exhibited integrity and honor in getting help to our heroes and their families.  

Do you know an organization that has helped a soldier? Use the Contact Us form to let us know and we’ll add them to the database. Do you know a soldier or caregiver looking for help? Send them to: 

Help us get the word out about how we provide an innovative way for resources to be accessed. If you would like be a representative in your community contact us and we will send you Battle-Buddy Info cards to pass out in your area and among your friends. It is soldier to soldier, caregiver to caregiver that makes this site YOUR site! 


"I appreciate you trying to place all of this information in one central database. It makes finding resources so much easier! If everyone shares the resources they find then it will be the newly wounded and veterans in transition that will benefit the most. They should not have to go through the same fight for resources that those before them did."

A Williams, Caregiver

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